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About ACSI

Founded in 1995, Automated Control Systems, Inc. (ACSI) provides software development, system integration, product evaluation, training, technical support and other integration services for the industrial control and utility industries.  ACSI projects have ranged from small single controller applications to regional projects with tens of thousands of I/O points, hundreds of PLCs/RTUs, and over 100 SCADA nodes.

At ACSI we believe our greatest asset is unquestionably the professional skill of our technical team of software developers. Our adherence to the highest of professional standards and ability to provide effective solutions to complex software and integration issues has enabled us to develop and maintain successful long-term relationships with our clients.

The breadth of experience in software development and project management skills represented by our developers enables ACSI to provide superior development and integration services to our clients across a wide range of computing platforms.

Software Methodology

ACSI's software engineering methodology is based on Extreme Programming (XP). At ACSI we have embraced the XP test-first development practice and as outlined in XP we place a high value on adaptability and regard ongoing change to requirements as a natural, inescapable and desirable aspect of software development projects. Read more...

At ACSI a complete solution doesn't consist of just programming. In our role as a system integrator, we assemble technologies and commission systems for our clients’ application.