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Project Experience

  • Automated Control Systems
    Founded in 1995, ACSI provides software development, system integration, product evaluation, training, technical support and other integration services.
  • GE FANUC System Integrator
    Proficy, iFIX, Intellution, and Historian Systems Integration services.
  • Power Generation
    ACSI is uniquely qualified in the Hydro Power Industry with generation control systems currently operating over 43 generators with a combined power output of 3,499 MW.
  • Generic DACS
    Since 1997 ACSI has provided services to the USACE in the area of Hydroelectric Automation. The project is know as Generic Data Acquisition and Control System or GDACS.
  • Grain Handling
    ACSI has provided control system programming to United Harvest’s Vancouver, WA facility since 1996. The United Harvest Vancouver, WA facility is the largest wheat export facility in the U.S., enabling U.S. wheat exports to the Pacific Rim.
  • PLC Programming
    Programmable Logic Controller, PLC, Ladder Logic, PLC Ladder Diagram, PLC Software Programming, Software Control
  • OEM System Services
    ACSI can provide advanced programming services to enable any OEM to be more profitable. From database based PLC software development systems to advanced regression testing development, ACSI can improve your process and your bottom line.
  • Aluminum Processing
    ACSI performed a field station replacement for Northwest Aluminum Goldendale Plant Pot Line:
    Installed an Opto-22 Mistic controller and I/O to replace a multiplexed I/O station for the plant's main Modcomp computer system. This project ahs enabled the plant to continue to use their existing technology without the risk of downtime caused by obsolete parts in the original multiplexor.